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NOW AVAILABLE – Shade + Light Obsession Collector’s Edition Contour Set Signed By Kat Von D




Shade + Light Obsession Collector’s Edition Contour Set Signed By Kat Von D

Get exclusive early access! This product is only available on app on 10/23. Due to high demand this may sell out.

What it is: 
A once-in-a-lifetime limited-edition set of Kat Von D’s Shade+Light contour collection, plus a hand-signed note from Kat.

What it does: 
The Shade + Light Obsession Collector’s Edition Contour Set* is filled with everything you need to transform your face and eyes through the art of contouring. Unzip the coffin-shaped carryall case, embossed with the KVD monogram, to unveil six of the most coveted contour products on earth. Each Shade + Light Obsession includes an autograph from Kat Von D herself, right next to a print of the portrait she sketched that inspired the collection.
This set contains:
Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette:
– 3 x 0.08 oz/ 2.26 g Base shades in Laetus (creamy nude), Lazarus (cool taupe), Ludwin (peachy bronze)
– 3 x 0.04 oz/ 1.13 g Contour shades in Samael (dusty fawn), Saleos (smoky brown), Succubus (rich rust)
– 3 x 0.04 oz/ 1.13 g Define shades in Solas (espresso brown), Shax (jet black), Sytry (chocolate brown)
– 3 x 0.04 oz/ 1.13 g Highlight shades in Lucius (soft beige), Liberatus (pinkish ivory), Latinus (golden bisque)
– Illustrated tutorial insert

2 x Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum (matte purples) Smoke (matte cool grays):
– 0.09 oz/ 2.55 g Base Shade
– 3 x 0.04 oz/ 1.13 g Eye Shade in Define, Contour, Highlight
– How to insert

Shade + Light Contour Palette:
– 3 x 0.16 oz/ 4.53 g Shade powder in Sombre (true taupe), Shadowplay (soft brown), Subconscious (deep brown)
– 3 x 0.08 oz/ 2.26 g Light powder in Lucid (pinkish nude), Lyric (yellow beige), Levitation (soft peach)
– Illustrated tutorial insert

– Shade + Light Eye Contour Brush (with case)
– Shade + Light Contour Brush
– Personally signed letter from Kat Von Dp413460-av-03-lhero




REVIEW + SWATCHES: Sephora Collection – The Graceful Eyeshadow Palette




This selection of 16 matte and shimmer eye shadows adds color and definition to emphasize and enhance the eyes. On-trend shades, such as deep purple, metallic silver, and coppery brown create ultra-glamorous looks. A four-step tutorial is included for easy, uncomplicated beauty.

Sephora Collection – The Graceful Eyeshadow Palette

I have done so many reviews on these Sephora Collection Palettes – they just keep releasing more and more. Click each to see my review:

sephora-collection-the-graceful-eyeshadow-palette-front sephora-collection-the-graceful-eyeshadow-palette-back


Since I have been blown away with the previous Sephora Palettes I knew I wanted to pick this one up. The colors are so beautiful!! These shades are my type of colors. You get a few warm shades, lots of cool shades, mattes and shimmer/foil shades. I really love that they have every color you would need to create a look. There is a light champagne for the brow bone, lots of transition shades and plenty of dark shades to deepen the crease.

I think for the money this palette is totally worth it! I will say that the shade formula didn’t blow me away like the Sephora Holiday 2016 More Than Meets The Eye  and SEPHORA COLLECTION The Enchanting Eye, Brow and Face Palette, but this comes close.  There are a few shades that weren’t as pigmented and the main one is the light gold shimmer shade – you can tell in the swatches.  Other than that the shades are all very beautiful, they blend well and they are pigmented.  I am so happy with this palette.

The packaging is so cute. I love the geometric octagon shape of it all. It has a little mirror and magnetic closure.




sephora-collection-the-graceful-eyeshadow-palette-back swatches




Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you guys need any last minute makeup ideas, Frends Beauty has some fun ideas and so MUCH Halloween makeup.

Don’t forget to shop the Frends Beauty Halloween makeup section on 

Also click here to see more exciting articles like this one. ENJOY!

halloween makeup




NEW PALETTES – BH Cosmetics Marble Collection




I don’t know how I missed the release of these, but look at how beautiful these palettes are!!

Marble Collection – Warm Stone – 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette


Create your own etched-in-stone style with our Marble Collection Warm Stone — 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette, a collection of highly pigmented neutral mattes and shimmers. Shades range from frosty ivory, pink and peach to rich taupe, tan and bronze, allowing you to achieve daytime glam as well as nighttime drama. Colors can be worn individually, blended and intensified, and add polish to any look. They come in a sleek, mirrored case featuring a unique marbled pattern.


 Marble Collection – Cool Stone – 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette

marble-collection-cool-stone-12-color-eyeshadow-paletteYou will lose your marbles over our Marble Collection – Cool Stone — 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette, a multi-toned mix of pigment-rich mattes and shimmers that add distinctive polish to day and evening makeup looks. Shades range from icy pastels to deep plum, charcoal and bronze, plus a pop of vivid pink and can be worn individually or blended and intensified. Each collection comes in a sleek, uniquely marbled mirrored compact.

Are you going to buy them?




NEW MAKEUP! tarteist PRO Amazonian clay palette




A pro-level, everyday eyeshadow palette with 20 ultra-pigmented shades powered by naturally-derived ingredients.

Includes 20 eyeshadows:

  • classic (cream)
  • innocent (soft peach)
  • whimsy (brick)
  • smoked (dark brown)
  • ethereal (bronze)
  • vintage (ivory)
  • fierce (cool plum)
  • no filter (purple mauve)
  • vamp (deep plum)
  • glam (champagne)
  • chic (pale pink)
  • profesh (taupe)
  • mod (deep cherry)
  • drama (maroon)
  • minx (shimmering mauve)
  • indie (greige)
  • bold (light brown)
  • edgy (chocolate)
  • punk (black)
  • trendy (prismatic teal)


Are you going to get it??



Review & Swatches: Too Faced Merry Macarons | Holiday 2016




Baby it’s cold outside! Transport yourself to Too Faced’s romantic New York ice-skating rink filled with the delightful vanilla scent of Merry Macarons. This limited edition set includes 12 gorgeous vanilla scented eye shadows in exclusive, party-ready shades plus a deluxe size of Too Faced’s bestselling Better Than Sex Mascara for everything you need to be festively fabulous all year long!


12 Gorgeous shadows infused with a delicious macaroon scent

Deluxe size of Too Faced’s bestselling Better Than Sex Mascara

Step-by-step how-to Glamour Guide with 3 beauty looks to get you started

  • Cost: $39
  • Where to buy: Click here Only at ULTA!

Be sure to see my other reviews on the Too Faced Holiday 2016 Palettes – Grand Hotel Cafe Palette and The Chocolate Shop Palette click each one to see my review and swatches.

Too Faced Merry Macarons


I think out of all of the Too Faced Holiday Palettes this year, this one has the best formula and pigmentation. In the other two palettes Grand Hotel Cafe Palette and The Chocolate Shop Palette, there are many eyeshadows that aren’t good. Whereas, this palette they are all good. They are all very buttery, creamy and blendable. The pigmentation is also really good. I didn’t have any problems with blending or building up the colors. I will say that the color selection of this palette isn’t my favorite. I love all of the colors in The Chocolate Shop Palette the best but they weren’t all pigmented. This palette all around is the best though.

It is nice and compact and it has all the shades you would need for a nice look. There is a mix if matte and shimmer shades and you get a deluxe sample of the Better Than Sex Mascara. Plus it smells like vanilla!!! I think this palette is worth the money.




Are you guys loving these Too Faced Holiday palettes?

Watch my YouTube video review on all three palettes.




Smile Brilliant At-Home Teeth Whitening Review!! (Before & After Pictures)




I have always wanted the whitest teeth possible!! Now , my teeth aren’t really yellow by any means but they sure weren’t bright white like I would like them to be. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked me to team up with them and review their product, I knew I wanted to try.

Let me give you some background on what whitening systems I have tried in the past and if I liked it:

  •  Whitening Toothpaste – I really feel like whitening toothpaste has never really done much for my teeth. Yes, it might take away small minor staining, but nothing more.
  •  Whitening Lighting Dial a Smile – I got trapped into this from some gimmicky video. I can honestly say this didn’t give me results like the trays the dentist makes or Smile Brilliant. This has a generic tray that doesn’t custom fit to your teeth. It’s almost like a regular mouth guard. It comes with whitening gel and an LEDF light. In my opinion I think the LED light was there just so it looked legit. I didn’t see any results from this system.
  •  Professional custom made trays from the dentist – I got these when I was 16. Since then I have had braces and those trays no longer fit. The downfall is these cost about $500+ depending on where you go. The dentist creates a custom mold of your teeth and in a few weeks gives you the whitening trays with a few syringes of whitening gel. I definitely saw results from this system but it is very expensive. The trays and whitening gel I got from the dentist were very similar to what I received from Smile Brilliant. See the process and my full review below.

Now I use Smile Brilliant. All I have to say is Smile Brilliant is the fastest, easiest and effective way to get your own at-home teeth whitening system. It is just like the trays and whitening gel I bought from the dentist years ago. It was so smooth, fool proof, fun and easy!

Click here to order Smile Brilliant. Use coupon code kittykat for a 5% discount!!

What to expect/The Process:


  1. First order your Smile Brilliant package by clicking here. There are 3 different packages.
  • Custom Fitted Trays + 3 Whitening Gel Syringes
  • Custom Fitted Trays + 6 Whitening Gel Syringes
  • Custom Fitted Trays + 9 Whitening Gel Syringes
  • You can also add on the Desensitizing Gel for an extra fee to any of these packages (I highly encourage you to get this)

2.  After you have ordered your package will leave the Smile Brilliant facility within 1-2 business days and then you will receive it a few days after that

When you receive your package

Your kit comes with:

  • Impression material to make your own dental impressions (plus extra material included)
  • 3-Way, pre-paid postage – all postage between you and the lab is covered (2-way for international orders)
  • Detailed instructional brochure – Simple guide to creating your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays


Make your trays and send them back

  1. Use the detailed instructional brochure for step-by-step instructions (it is very simple and easy to do)2After you are done place your upper and lower dental impressions with the “return impression” card inside the pre-paid/pre-addressed envelope provided with the kit. Drop the envelope in the mail and we will receive it in 3 business days or less (6 – 10 days for shipments from outside the United States)



Once you receive your custom trays, it’s time to whiten!! 

  1. Use the detailed instructional brochure for step-by-step instructions (it is very simple and easy to do)
  2. When you get your trays you will receive:
  • Teeth Whitening Trays – 2 Custom-fitted whitening trays (upper and lower teeth)
  • Carrying Case – Compact case holds both your whitening trays
  • Professional teeth whitening gel – Dentist-strength 22% Carbamide Peroxide in 3ml syringes. (and if you ordered the desensitizing gel that will be included as well)
  • 2 year teeth whitening tray replacement warranty


Whitening/Desensitizing Process:

  1. The whitening process is very simple. You put a nice thin line inside the trays and then insert them onto your teeth. Smile Brilliant  recommends that you wear them anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours. After 3 hours the whitening agent in the gel will have minimal effect. How long you wear your trays really depends on you.
  2. After you are done, be sure to wash your trays out. You want to make sure to keep them clean and wash all of the bleach out.
  3. If you bought the desensitizing gel then you would immediately do this step. Apply a string of desensitizing gel to the front inner surface of your upper and lower teeth bleaching trays. The suggested use for the desensitizing application is a minimum of 10-15 minutes, directly following each whitening application. Additional applications of the desensitizing gel can be used multiple times throughout the day or night as needed.
  4. Spit out the remaining gel. Do NOT rinse your mouth following removal of the trays! The gel replenishes essential vitamins and minerals lost during whitening treatment, and reduces the instance of re-staining following whitening procedures. Constant saliva contact to the teeth is necessary for the finalization of this process. Refrain from the consumption of food or beverage for a minimum of 30 minutes.

**Trays should be rinsed with cold water, dried with a cotton tip applicator and stored in case provided.

And that’s it!! It is super simple and very effective. I would highly recommend this whitening system to anyone who wants white teeth. It is very affordable and works just as good as the trays from the dentist.

Before and After Photos:


I am so happy with the results!


Teeth Whitening


More Sephora Collection Holiday 2016 Palettes – Review & Swatches!!

Sephora Holiday 2016



Sephora’s 2016 Holiday Collection has been amazing! I mean, look at how awesome the packaging and colors are!

Be sure to see my review and swatches of more Sephora Holiday 2016 Palettes: click each – Sephora Holiday 2016 More Than Meets The Eye or Sephora Holiday 2016 Blushed, Bronzed and Ready to Glow!

I recently picked up 2 more palettes to review for you guys – SEPHORA COLLECTION Matte Metallic Eyeshadow Palette and SEPHORA COLLECTION The Enchanting Eye, Brow and Face Palette. See my reviews below.

Sephora 2016 Holiday Palettes


SEPHORA COLLECTION Matte Metallic Eyeshadow Palette



This palette is really nice! Just like my review of the Sephora Holiday 2016 More Than Meets The Eye , these shadows are no different. They have the same awesome quality to them. These shadows blend really nicely, they are pigmented and gorgeous! The only shades that were a little dry were the middle diamond shaped shades – especially the gold and silver color. The colors weren’t bad at all, they just didn’t perform the same as the rest of the palette. The matte shades are amazing! I really love this palette and the shade selection.

The only bad thing is because of the shape of the shadows, I find it hard to dip in with my bigger blending brushes. But you can definitely work around it.



SEPHORA COLLECTION The Enchanting Eye, Brow and Face Palette



This palette is just as good as the one above. Obviously this has some different uses. You have brow shades, a blush, highlighters, eyeshadows and a liner shade. All of these are SO pigmented and beautiful. They apply so easily and blend out well. I think this one has more pigmentation that the one above. They highlighter shades show up really nicely and they are buttery and not dry or powdery at all. There are no super dry shades in this palette. You can use all of the shades on your eyes. I have used the brow shades on my brows and also as eyeshadow and they work amazingly! The best part of this palette is the black shade. I have never used a black eyeshadow that is this intense. It is so black and it blends so nicely. I love smoking out my lower lash line with it or deepening the crease. I have nothing bad to say about this palette. It is totally worth the money!



Watch my YouTube review video as well


What do you guys think? Are you going to buy any of these?




Review + Swatches: Buxom Stone Cold Babe Set | Holiday 2016




Buxom Stone Cold Babe Set 

What it is:

A 12-shade, limited-edition eye shadow palette and a bestselling mini mascara.

What it does:

This 12-shade, limited-edition Buxom® Eyeshadow Bar palette features four, just-released, diamond-to-coal shades and sultry favorites. Sweep on the Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black onto lashes. Its hourglass-shaped brush helps to coat and volumize lashes from root to tip. This collection’s primer-infused, powerfully pigmented eyeshadows and bestselling, volumizing mascara will deliver smoldering looks for beautiful eye looks. 


I will start of by saying that I don’t own any Buxom eyeshadows but I have swatched them in Ulta and Sephora. I was so surprised every time I swatched any of the single eyeshadows and I have always wanted to buy a few, but never got around to it. When I saw this holiday palette come out I was so excited because there were shades in it that I would totally use every day.

When I got this set I was so surprised at how beautiful the packaging is. The packing looks like a beautiful diamond or something similar. The packaging definitely kicks ass! The eyeshadow singles can also come out of the palette and you could replace them with the regular Buxom eyeshadow singles. As far as the formula goes. I don’t like it at all. I was so sad because these eyeshadows aren’t the same as the single eyeshadows. They feel totally different. These eyeshadows aren’t pigmented what so ever. They are so dry and they don’t blend. They just suck! The colors are gorgeous but they just didn’t work for me, I did see that this was made in China so it could be a totally different factory for this holiday set.

Let me know if you tried it out of if I got a bad batch.



I really had to work hard to build these swatches up to just this. They are horrible!


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