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NYX Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream (all 12 shades) Review & Swatches



NYX Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream



The NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream shades deliver a burst of pearly color and set to a stunning matte finish. These little beauties are just as lightweight, delightfully creamy and sweetly scented as all the shades you know and love!



I like these NYX Soft Matte Metallic Lip Creams because they are almost a metallic matte. They definitely dry down and they do feel dry on the lips, so if you don’t like that feeling then you won’t like these. How can you now though? These shades are amazing!

These have beautiful pigment and they glide on the lips nicely. There are a few that went on my lips patchy, those shades include:Havana and Manila. You really have to layer those two up for them to look good. Other than those two, the shades are amazing! My favorites are: Madrid, Milan, and Monte Carlo.

These last a long time! They were really difficult to take off as I was watching them, so you know the lasting power is there.

They are affordable and the shades are amazing, totally worth the buy!






Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow Palette & Peaches and Cream Collection – Review & Swatches



Was anyone else so excited to see the NEW Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow Palette to come out? I couldn’t wait! I love most of the shade range in this palette and couldn’t wait to swatch it and try it on my eyes.

Too Faced White Peach Eye Shadow Palette





As I stated before – I love the shade range in this palette. I am a huge fan of dusty mauve shades. I have always been a fan of Too Faced. I remember buying my first higher-end eyeshadow palette from them and was hooked ever since. They definitely have some palettes that aren’t that great but I will say that I really liked this one.

What would have made this palettes amazing is if all the shades were matte like the Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette. The mattes in that palette are amazing!

I am so happy that this palette isn’t loaded with shimmers. There is a good mix of mattes and that makes me happy! The formula is just like any other amazing Too Faced palette. The shadows are super buttery, bendable, and pigmented. I love every shade except for Creme De La Peach and Peaches & Dreams. I am not the biggest fan of yellow-orange shades on my lids. But other that those two shades, I love everything else about this palette.




What do you think? Are you going to pick it up?




NYX Powder Puff Lippie (all 8 shades) Review & Swatches



NYX Powder Puff Lippie


Pucker up and powder your pout! Featuring a pillowy cushion-applicator, NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream goes on mousse-y and sets to a powdery-soft finish. Achieve a flush of color in eight vibrant shades – from warm peach to true red, and hot pink to cool plum – for an irresistible, just-kissed look.
  • Teenage Dreams
  • Puppy Love
  • Squad Goals
  • Beset Buds
  • Cool Intentions
  • Moody
  • Pop Quiz
  • Group Love



If you like matte lipsticks then these are for you! There are as the name suggests – a Powder Lippie. These have a powder mouse-like consistency.

They have really nice pigment and they glide on the lips nicely. These dry down to a powdery finish but are not transfer proof. They last quite a few hours and almost leave a stain on your lips. I think they are comfortable for being a matte lip product.

The only thing I don’t like is the applicator. I feel like you can’t get a precise line. Other than that, these lippies are another hit for NYX!

NYX Powder Puff Lippie Applicator Tip








Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadows (all shades) Review & Swatches | Spring 2018



I was so excited to see the new release of the NEW Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadows for 2018. I loved the previous 8 and 3 pan palettes before so when I saw these I about died!

I bought ever single shade that was available at the time. The only one I don’t have is the quad Sweet as Candy. I hope to pick it up next time I make an order at

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads


  • Hooked on Vinyl
  • Lights Out
  • Petalette
  • Silent Treatment
  • Walking On Eggshells
  • Sweet as Candy (not swatched, this one was not available when I bought the rest)




Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palettes


  • Rosé in the Air
  • Not a Basic Peach
  • Nude Awakening
  • Comfort Zone





These eyeshadows are amazing!! If you loved the palettes before the repackaged them then you will love them even more now. The quads are definitely good, but

The 10 pan palettes and 4 pan quads are both pigmented, creamy, bendable, and beautiful. I will say that I think the 10 pan palettes definitely give off more pigment than the quads. The matte shades in all palettes are amazing! I think the matte shades are better than the shimmer shades. But all-in-all the eyeshadows are great! Here are my favorite palettes in order: Nude Awakening, Silent Treatment, Walking on Eggshells, and Rosé in the Air.

You can’t beat the price and I think they are definitely worth it!!


See my YouTube review here:




Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches


I was so excited to see Milani come out with such a beautiful matte palette. The new Milani Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette came out a week or so ago and I hoped right on that wagon and bought it.

Right now I can only find it on, but I am hoping to see it at Ulta and CVS. Only time will tell.



For endless multidimensional looks, reach for our Most Loved Mattes Eyeshadow Palette. This compact features 12 full color matte eyeshadows that deliver maximum pigment payoff. From neutrals to alluring, deep hues, this expertly curated makeup essential includes 3 duos + 3 trios + 3 quads for a variety of fun and flirty, on-trend looks.



I did a review when the Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes came out and I was in LOVE!! Click here to see my review. I did a review video on them as well and I remember saying “Milani better come out with an all matte palette, because it would be amazing!”. Sure enough they exceeded my expectations! I loved the mattes so much in those palettes. They are hands-down the best matte drugstore eyeshadows.

With that said, this new palette is just as amazing as their other mattes in those palettes. I love everything about this palette. I love the packaging, the way it’s laid out, and the shades.

The formula is beautiful and very comparable to a high-end palette. They are super smooth, easy to blend, very pigmented, and look amazing on the eyes. There is something about this formula that really smooths out everything on the eyelids, it’s hard to explain. It almost makes your eyelids look airbrushed.

The only downside for some people will be the rice. I personally feel like $20 is totally worth it, especially since it’s better than some high-end eyeshadows. I would pay that price all day for any palette that has a similar formula as this one.

I hope that they come out with more matte shades ranges. I would love to see a cool matte version with grays, taupes, dusty roses, etc.

I will say this is the best matte and best eyeshadow palette from the drugstore!!

Check out my YouTube review video as well




Watch my YouTube review here:


NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss Review and Swatches (all 10 shades)



I am still on the NYX review spree!!! Like I said, I bought almost everything from the 2018 spring launch. Click here to see my previous reviews.

Today I am reviewing the NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Glosses. How cool are theses glosses?? I love the colors!! See my review and swatches below.



Want totally mesmerizing lips? Then chrome and get ’em with the NYX Professional Makeup Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss. Available in 10 hypnotic hues loaded with pearls, these lippies deliver awesome shine, a hint of color and an intense, 3-D finish. Each lightweight shade slips onto your lips smoothly without feeling sticky. Swipe them on alone or over any lipstick for an unforgettable effect.


  • The New Normal
  • Crushing It
  • Gyspy Dreams
  • Lucid
  • Fairplay
  • Day Club
  • Spring It On
  • Foam Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • Booming



Just like the review I did on the Duo Chromatic Lipsticks, these lip glosses are very similar in that they are super innovative and I haven’t really seen a whole lot of companies doing something like this. I really love the whole NYX line of duo chrome products!

As you can see from the swatches that these glosses are beautiful! They are super pigmented but it’s because they are meant to be a sheer gloss with duo chrome shimmers. You can wear them alone or on top of your favorite lipstick or liquid lipstick.

I am not a big fan of the blue or green shades but all of the other colors are amazing! I just personally wouldn’t wear the green or blue. My favorite shades are: Booming, Spring It On, Crushing It, and The New Normal.

Because these are a lip gloss they don’t last all day so you will need to reapply throughout the day. These don’t have a scent, which I wish they did have a vanilla scent. But it’s okay.




What do you think? Are you going to buy them?


See my YouTube review here:



NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palettes – Review & Swatches


Today I am bringing you another new NYX review. I have SO many products to review so be on the lookout every day.

I have both NYX Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palettes. These came out earlier this year, I believe. I have reviewed many NYX palettes before and I am amazed every time. Click here to see my past reviews.


Explore a rainbow of color with NYX Professional Makeup’s Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palettes! Available in gorgeous color combinations, this striking set features ten bouncy, silky-to-the-touch, eyeshadows in a range of matte and shimmer finishes. Spoiler alert: You are going to freak out when you feel these soft and pillowy shades for the first time – the marshmallow-like texture reminds us of our fave Japanese treat – mochi!


NYX Love You So Mochi Sleek and Chic Eyeshadow Palette


NYX Love You So Mochi Electric Pastels Eyeshadow Palette



Both of these palettes are available on and the NYX Cosmetics website.

These palettes didn’t really WOW me, partly because I LOVE matte shadows and these are all shimmery shadows. If you love shimmery shadows or the colors of these shadows then you will love these palettes.

The eyeshadow formula is good. It is nice, creamy, and blends well. They work better with your finger rather than a brush, but they still work with a brush, the pigmentation isn’t as great though. Both eyeshadow formulas perform the same, but I prefer the Sleek and Chic eyeshadow palette because of the shade selection. I will say that the one shade that disappointed me from that palette is the dark black shade. The pigmentation is really sheer for that one, as you can see from the swatches.

Another downfall is the price. I feel like $20 is too much for this palette. It think it should be priced closer to $12-$15. Ulta always has sales on NYX products so wait for a sale to pick one up.




NYX Faux Marble & Duo Chromatic Lipsticks – Review & Swatches (9 shades)



If you know me then you should know that I LOVE reviewing NYX products, especially lip products! Click here to see all of my past NYX reviews.

NYX always kills it when it comes to their spring launches. Each year it gets better and better. This spring killed it as well. Be on the lookout for my future reviews because I pretty much bought everything!

Today I am reviewing and searching the new NYX Faux Marble Lipsticks and the Duo Chromatic Lipsticks. These came out earlier in the year and they must have been a hit because there are slim pickins’ left on the Ulta site. I hope they restock soon!

Cost: $8.99

Where to buy:




Brilliant hues artfully swirled together in just one lippie. Yep, the limited-edition NYX Professional Makeup Faux Marble Lipstick is a thing of beauty. Each color combination blends together as you swipe and becomes a seriously stunning shade of its very own, revealing that no two lipsticks are the same. Choose from four gorgeous colors that glide on soft and smooth while leaving lips with a satin finish.

Illuminate your lips with the limited-edition Duo Chromatic Lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup. Glam-packed with iridescent pearls, this lightweight lipstick comes in five frosty shades that will totally take your breath away. These stunning beauties glide on buttery-smooth and cover your lips in sheer color with a shimmery finish.


  • Berry – Faux Marble
  • So Anti – Duo Chromatic 
  • Chill Chill – Duo Chromatic 
  • Primrose – Faux Marble 
  • As if – Duo Chromatic 
  • Bless – Duo Chromatic 
  • Datum – Duo Chromatic 
  • Periwinkle – Faux Marble
  • Lilac – Faux Marble



To sum it up, I really love these Faux Marble Lipsticks and the Duo Chromatic Lipsticks! I feel like they are really innovative and there isn’t really anything else on the market like these.

They all kind of a duo chrome affect and they look really cool on the lips. I really like to use the lighter shades as a lipstick topper, just to give your lips more dimension.

I will say that the lighter shades don’t give as much pigmentation, but they give a nice shimmery color shift to the lips. The darker shades have the perfect amount of pigmentation and they all go on the lips smoothly and feel comfortable.

You will have to reapply this throughout the day because the lasting power isn’t as long because it’s a  lipstick.

One more not, these do not have any sort of fragrance. They almost smell like crayons. It doesn’t bother me and the smell doesn’t linger.

Overall these are amazing lipsticks and totally worth the buy!!






NEW MAKEUP RELEASE – Milani Most Loves Mattes Eyeshadow Palette


Click here to see my review and swatches of this palette.

Are you guys ready for this? There is finally an amazing high-end looking matte drugstore palette! The first time I saw this palette I thought it was a Stila eyeshadow palette. The packaging and layout looks very similar. I cannot wait!!

I loved the Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes. They are hands down the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes. Click here to see my reviews.

Been the lookout because I just bought this and will definitely do a review.

Milani Most Loves Mattes Eyeshadow Palette




2017 Yearly Favorites!


I hope you guys like my yearly favorites. Let me know what yours were!!



Best Primer

  • High End:
    • Huda Beauty The Complexion Perfection – Pre-makeup Base Primer (Buy)
    • Benefit The POREfessional Pearl Prime (Buy)

Best Foundation

  • High End:
    • Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry (Buy)
    • Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation (Buy)

Best Concealer

  • High End:
    • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Maybelline Age Rewind (Buy)
    • NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer (Buy)

Best Loose Powder

  • High End:
    • Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (Buy)

Best Under Eye Powder

  • High End:
    • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Ethereal light or Diffused Light (Buy)
    • BareMinerals Translucent Duo (Buy)

Best Pressed Powder

  • High End:
    • Tarte Double Duty Beauty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation (Buy)
    • Kat Von D Lock-it-Powder Foundation (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder (Buy)
    • Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Translucent Powder (Buy)

Best Contour

  • High End:
    • Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette  (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (Buy)

 Best Bronzer

  • High End:
    • Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Bronzer (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (Buy)

Best Blush

  • High End:
    • Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Blush (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Physicians Formula Butter Blush (Buy)

Best Highlight

  • Drugstore:
    • Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (Buy)

Best Setting Spray

  • High End:
    • Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Pixi Glow Mist (Buy)


Best Eye Primer

  • High End:
    • Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Shadow Primer (Buy)

Best Eyeshadow Palettes

  • High End: 
    • Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 4 (Buy)
    • Too Faced Natural Matt Eyeshadow Palette (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette Neutral (Buy)

Best Single Eyeshadows

  • Makeup Geek Single Pans (Buy)

Best Eyeliner Pencil

  • High End: 
    • Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eyeliner (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner (Buy)

Best Liquid Eyeliner

  • High End: 
    • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (Buy)

Best Cream/Gel Eyeliner

  • High End: 
    • Ingot Gel Liner – (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • Wet n Wild On Edge Creme Eyeliner – (Buy)

Best Eyelash Curler

  • High End: 
    • Shiseido Eyelash Curler  (Buy)

Best Tweezers

  • High End: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer (Buy)

Best Mascara

  • High End: 
    • Benefit Roller Lash (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • L’Oreal Lash Paradise (Buy)

Best False Eyelashes

  • High End: 
    • Esqido Mink Lashes (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • Ardell Lashes  (Buy)

Best Brow Pencil

  • High End: 
    • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz  (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • NYX Micro Brow  (Buy)
    • Catrice Longlasting Brow Definer (Buy)



Best Lip Balm/Chapstick

  • Drugstore: 
    • Chapstick in Candy Cane flavor only (Buy

Best Lipstick

  • High End: 
    • MAC Snob (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • ColourPop Lippie Stixx – Bound and Oh Snap (Buy)
    • Revlon Lipstick (Pink Pout) (Buy)

Best Lip Gloss

  • High End: 
    • Buxom Full-On™ Lip Polish – White Russian  (Buy)
  • Drugstore: 
    • NYX Butter Gloss  (Buy)

Best Lip Scrub

  • Drugstrore: e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator (Buy)


(I only prefer to use high end when it comes to my hair)

Best Shampoo

  • High End:  Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo (Buy)
  • For Blondes: Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo (Buy)

Best Conditioner

  • High End:  Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner (Buy)

Best Hair Masque

  • High End:  Oribe Signature Moisture Masque (Buy)

Best Hair Spray

  • High End:  Paul Mitchell Extra-body Finishing Spray (Buy)

Best Dry Shampoo

  • High End: Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo (Buy)

Best Hair Repair Product

  • High End: ELC RD-PLUS Leave in protein crème (Buy)

Best Hair Oil

  • High End: ORIBE Hair Care Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil (Buy)

Best Hair Tool

  • Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 1/4 (Buy)


Best Cleanser

  • High End: 
    • Obagi Nu-Derm gentle Cleanser (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser (Buy)

Best Toner

  • Paula’s Choice Skin Perfefeecting 2% BHA (Buy)
  • Obagi Nu-Derm Toner (Buy)
  • Drugstore:
    • Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner (Buy)

Best Daily Moisturizer

  • High End: 
    • Obagi Hydrate Facial Moiosturizer (Buy) 
  • Drugstore:
    • Mario Badescu Hydro Moisturizer with Vitamin C (Buy) 

Best Night Cream

  • High End: 
    • It Cosmetics Secret Sauce Clinically Advanced Miraculous Anti-Aging Moisturizer (Buy) 
  • Drugstore:
    • Mario Badescu Protein Night Cream (Buy) 

Best Eye Cream

  • High End: 
    • SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair (Buy)
    • Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream (Buy)

Best Sunless Tanner



Best Brushes

  • Morphe Brushes (Buy)

Best Brush Cleaner

  • Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner (Buy)

Best Perfume

  • Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy Perfume (Buy)




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