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Some posts and ads on my site may contain affiliate links. I mark each post that contains affiliate links. Please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission. I really appreciate everyone who makes a purchase through these links. With your support in purchasing through these links it enables me to keep bringing you content and reviews. All of the money I receive I put back into my blog for my readers so I can continue to purchase products to review and operate this blog.


All of my reviews are 100% honest, affiliate or not I still am 100% honest. I purchase most of my items that I review.  But sometimes companies will send them to me to review, if they did I will clearly state it. These are my opinions and what works for me might not work for you. I might love or hate something that you don’t and you might feel the opposite. That is ok, we all have our own opinions.


Sometimes companies will send me products to review. These are my honest reviews and opinions. Just because they send me items, does not change my opinion on the items.


If you want to use a picture or a blog post you must link it to your site and in writing document that I am the writer or I own the image. Some images on my site our found on a public domain. If you are the owner and want the image removed then please email me.


Everyone is different and results may vary with skincare, makeup, health, fitness, and clothing that I review. Please keep in mind I am not liable for any problems that should arise from trying out a product I review. My blog is for general purposes only. Please use any and all makeup, skincare or items featured on my blog with cautious or consult with your physician.


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