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NEW MAKEUP!! NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream


What do you guys think of these new Cosmic Metals Lip Cream?

Intense, multidimensional color collides with the glistening effect of gloss for out-of-this world lips like you’ve never seen before. Creamy smooth with a dazzling metallic finish, our new Cosmic Metals Lip Cream covers your lips in lustrous color that feels and looks like a gloss.

Cost: $7.50

Where to buy: Click here  

Available shades:

  • Fuchsia Fusion – hot pink with purple hues
  • Solar Energy – orange coral with silver shimmer
  • Out of This World – emerald green with green and gold peal
  • Extraterrestrial – deep olive with silver shimmer
  • Electromagnetic – deep aqua with silver and blue shimmer
  • Comets Tail – baby blue with silver undertone
  • Dark Nebula – deep navy blue with silver shimmer
  • Asteroid Aura – magenta with silver shimmer
  • Celestial Star – indigo with silver shimmer
  • Speed of Light – rose gold with shimmer
  • Galactic – dark gray with silver shimmer




One thought on “NEW MAKEUP!! NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream

  1. Metallic lips seem to be the new thing right now. Kat Von D used to have metallic liquid lipsticks and they weren’t popular, I hear she’s re-releasing them soon though. I’m not sure how I feel about the trend yet, we will see…

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