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NEW MAKEUP! NYX #NoFilter Finishing Powder



Look at this NEW #NoFiltter Finishing Powder now available at ULTA. I am very curious to see how this stuff looks and feels. Let me know if you are going to pick it up or if you tried it.

When it comes to getting our picture taken, we all love a good filter. That’s why NYX Cosmetics created #NoFilter Finishing Powder – their amazing product that delivers a finish as flawless and soft as the most flattering filters on Instagram and beyond.



8 thoughts on “NEW MAKEUP! NYX #NoFilter Finishing Powder

    1. NICE! I am going to order it too. I am excited to see how it performs.

  1. Just picked this up from Ulta and OMG! I LOVE it!! I wasn’t expecting much, just needed something to set my liquid foundation. But I tried it on in the car and was soo impressed! It gives light to med coverage and has a soft pearly sheen to it. It’s feels soft and is nicely milled. My only concern is that some of the other compacts in the display had the powder break off from the base and we’re loose in the package.

    1. I totally agree. I love this stuff! I am going to do a detailed review hopefully soon! I love the pearly satin sheen it gives to the skin.

  2. How’d you all get this so early? I live in the US and had a NYX store open up locally a few weeks ago. They barely got them in and only started advertising on the website about 2 weeks ago. Just picked one up tonight. Excited to try it out. (:

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