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NEW MAKEUP RELEASE!! Lorac Pro 3 Swatches!!!




Tati aka Glamlifeguru posted a video today with these lovely swatches.  I got these swatches from her YouTube video.

See my review here

Cost: $44

Where to buy: Click here

Release date:

  • – June 12th
  • Ulta Stores – June 26th
  • All other stores – July 3rd

Who needs it in their life??? I sure do


Lorac Pro 3 swatches
Lorac Pro 3 swatches


My video review:



2 thoughts on “NEW MAKEUP RELEASE!! Lorac Pro 3 Swatches!!!

  1. This one looks like both of the Unzipped palettes, and isn’t unique to me. I like the colors and all, but the Pro palette is a staple, and the Pro 2 is a bit unique. This is maybe competing with Naked 3? I’m not sure.

    1. I don’t own any of the unzipped palettes so I WANT IT 🙂 But I agree..the colors are similar.

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