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NYX Faux Marble & Duo Chromatic Lipsticks – Review & Swatches (9 shades)



If you know me then you should know that I LOVE reviewing NYX products, especially lip products! Click here to see all of my past NYX reviews.

NYX always kills it when it comes to their spring launches. Each year it gets better and better. This spring killed it as well. Be on the lookout for my future reviews because I pretty much bought everything!

Today I am reviewing and searching the new NYX Faux Marble Lipsticks and the Duo Chromatic Lipsticks. These came out earlier in the year and they must have been a hit because there are slim pickins’ left on the Ulta site. I hope they restock soon!

Cost: $8.99

Where to buy:




Brilliant hues artfully swirled together in just one lippie. Yep, the limited-edition NYX Professional Makeup Faux Marble Lipstick is a thing of beauty. Each color combination blends together as you swipe and becomes a seriously stunning shade of its very own, revealing that no two lipsticks are the same. Choose from four gorgeous colors that glide on soft and smooth while leaving lips with a satin finish.

Illuminate your lips with the limited-edition Duo Chromatic Lipstick from NYX Professional Makeup. Glam-packed with iridescent pearls, this lightweight lipstick comes in five frosty shades that will totally take your breath away. These stunning beauties glide on buttery-smooth and cover your lips in sheer color with a shimmery finish.


  • Berry – Faux Marble
  • So Anti – Duo Chromatic 
  • Chill Chill – Duo Chromatic 
  • Primrose – Faux Marble 
  • As if – Duo Chromatic 
  • Bless – Duo Chromatic 
  • Datum – Duo Chromatic 
  • Periwinkle – Faux Marble
  • Lilac – Faux Marble



To sum it up, I really love these Faux Marble Lipsticks and the Duo Chromatic Lipsticks! I feel like they are really innovative and there isn’t really anything else on the market like these.

They all kind of a duo chrome affect and they look really cool on the lips. I really like to use the lighter shades as a lipstick topper, just to give your lips more dimension.

I will say that the lighter shades don’t give as much pigmentation, but they give a nice shimmery color shift to the lips. The darker shades have the perfect amount of pigmentation and they all go on the lips smoothly and feel comfortable.

You will have to reapply this throughout the day because the lasting power isn’t as long because it’s a  lipstick.

One more not, these do not have any sort of fragrance. They almost smell like crayons. It doesn’t bother me and the smell doesn’t linger.

Overall these are amazing lipsticks and totally worth the buy!!






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