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REVIEW: NEW BH Cosmetics – Carli Bybel Palette

REVIEW: NEW BH Cosmetics – Carli Bybel Palette

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Where to buy: Click here

Cost: $12.50

I originally didn’t want to buy this palette because I thought the colors weren’t colors that I would wear.  But after I thought about it I figured the price is too good to beat so I might as well try it. Plus I love Carli so the palette should be good. And you can’t beat $12.50.


First Impressions:

14 colors total, 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. The colors look better in person than the pictures I saw on the BH website. I thought the shades would be very red and warm. The shades do have a warm tone to them but then there is a deep kind of purple color to the darker matte shades that I love! After I applied them and swatched them I liked them a lot more! The matte shades are awesome! I love matte shades more than shimmer shades though. The shimmer shades are amazing. I even like to use the highlighters on my eyes and inner corners as well.

As far as the highlighters, they are good but not awesome. I prefer the eyeshadows over the highlighters. I have a lighter skin tone so I can only use a few of the lighter highlighters. The dark highlighters I can’t use on my face at all but I can use them as eyeshadow.

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With Flash


car pal 2
No Flash


The price point is very affordable. They are blendable and last all day.

Not as buttery and bendable like a high-end brand like Lorac or Kat Von D. The highlighters are good but they aren’t my favorite. I am used to Becca highlighters and those puppies are pigmented and very finely milled. These highlighters  don’t look as glowy on the face but they look more like a shimmery highlight (if that makes any sense at all). The highlight and shimmery shadow shades are very similar.

car by 3

Pass or buy?

In my opinion I say buy it if you don’t have anything in your collection like this. For only $12.50 you really can’t go wrong. Especially if you are just starting out with makeup.

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