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REVIEW: NEW e.l.f. Highlighting Brush – $3 Dupe for Sigma or Morphe?

Keep reading to see my review and comparisons to the Morphe M438 pointed contour brush or the Sigma F35 tapered highlighting brush…

A slim, tapered brush designed to offer precision highlighting on the cheeks and brow bones to achieve a strobing effect.The soft texture and loose hairs provide smooth strokes of even application for a flawless finish. Perfect for using a highlighter to achieve an illuminating glow, or can be used to sculpt and contour the face, or as a tool to soften and blend cream and liquid colors. The Taklon bristles are vegan-friendly and easy to clean. 

Where to buy: Click here

Cost: $3.00

elf highlighting brush


When I saw this brush on the “what’s new” page on e.l.f. I knew I needed to have it. I love brushes like this and I was very curious if it would be similar to the Morphe M438 pointed contour brush or the Sigma F35 tapered highlighter brush. I use the Sigma and Morphe brushes every day to set my under eye and apply my highlighter. The Morphe and Sigma brushes are basically the same brush so I wanted to see how similar this e.l.f. highlighting brush would be.

See my pictures below to see the comparison with the Morphe M438 brush. They are very different as you can see. The e.l.f. brush obviously isn’t tapered like the Morphe brush and it is a little bit bigger. The bristles are different too. The e.l.f. brush is soft but less dense than the Morphe brush. The Morphe brush is softer with denser bristles.

I prefer my Morphe or Sigma brushes better but I do like this e.l.f. Highlighting Brush. You can use it to set your under eyes with loose powder and apply highlighter to the areas you prefer to highlight. I think I like it better for highlighter rather than setting my under eyes.  It does a great job sweeping the highlighter across the face.

The brush didn’t shed any bristles and it still works the same after it has been washed a few times. I love that e.l.f. is coming out with some brushes that are affordable and good alternatives to some higher brands.

Is this a dupe? I would say no. But it is a close alternative.


elf highlighting brush vs. Morphe M438
elf highlighting brush vs. Morphe M438


Pass or buy?

In my opinion buy. It is only $3 and you can’t go wrong.

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