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REVIEW: NEW liner.designer by beautyblender



What it is:

The new liner.designer by beautyblender is a triple-edged eyeliner guide that’s perfect for using with eyeshadow, pencils, gels, and liquid eyeliners.

What it does:

Achieve professional looking eyeliner results with this genius triple-sided guide. Three distinct sides, each designed for a different look, will help provide a steady hand and make it easy to create liner symmetry.

What else you need to know:

This product includes a five times magnifying mirror and suction cup that allows the compact to be placed on any hard surface. Place the flexible, silicone guide above or below the eye as you apply mascara to keep makeup intact and mascara only on your lashes.

Keep reading to see my review and a picture demo on how to use this product…

Cost: $16

Where to buy: Click here

IMG_1350 IMG_1351 


When I first got this I put it to use. I saw a picture online of someone using this and it stuck to their skin so they didn’t have to hold it. Well mine wouldn’t stick! I was like “WTF is going on, how did they do that?” So I reached out to Beauty Blender and they quickly responded back. They said “rub it between your palms to warm it up. Apply before powder for best results.” So I tried it without any concealer or foundation on my face and it stuck very nicely to my skin!!

Now, let me just tell you that I am not good at winged liner. I don’t know if it is the shape of my eye or what. But it never seems to look good on me. I tried the wing liner and it turned out okay. This is a nice guide to help you get that curve. But I just didn’t think it looked good on me.

Instead I really LOVE using this as an eyeshadow guard so I can get that nice slanted straight line. It works so nicely for that. I stick in to my skin just beneath my lower lash line and angle it up toward the tail of my brows. See the pictures below. It works really great for that. Basically it replaces tape and feels a lot more comfortable.

This little guy has multiple purposes and I think it is a nice invention.

liner designer

Beauty blender liner designer
How to use: Beauty blender liner designer


Final Product! Beauty Blender liner.designer
Final Product! Beauty Blender liner.designer


Have you guys tried it? Do you like it?


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  1. hahaha it looks like a guitar pick…hmmmm……?idk, I think good ol’ scotch tape is much more cost effeciant for getting a crisp wing. but it very cute. beauty blender sure knows how to market product

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