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REVIEW: NEW L’Oréal Infallible Pro Contour Palette

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Cost: $12.99

3 shades in light, medium and deep. When I saw that they were coming out with these I originally didn’t want to buy any of them. I was in Walgreens last week and when I saw the light contour color I just had to buy it. The reason why, is because the contour shade is in a COOL tone! I love contouring with cool tone colors. A cool tone brown gives the illusion of a shadow. When you contour your face you want to give the illusion of enhancing different facial features like your cheekbones, slimming down the nose, jawline etc. The medium and deep colors are more of a warm reddish tone. I didn’t buy those because like I said those colors don’t work for me. They would probably be good for bronzers though.

lore cont

First Impressions:

It’s about time the drugstore comes out with a good contour palette!! The brush it comes with sucks balls! Don’t use it, it won’t do any good. It is a weird shape and just awkward. I used a contour brush and a thin blush brush to apply the contour color into the hallows of my cheek bones. It went on beautifully! I was very impressed with the pigmentation and blendability.  The cool tone shade it very similar to the Kat Von D and Palettes (see the pic below). The formula is not a dupe for those though. Kat Von D and Lorac are way more creamy and pigmented.

This highlight shade is ok. It is a nice soft gold color. I was hoping that the highlight shade would be more of a matte setting powder but it is a finely milled shimmery gold.

contour lora
That brush sucks!
Comparison with the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette and the Lorac Pro Contour Palette
Comparison with the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette and the Lorac Pro Contour Palette


I love the cool tone in the light shade. Pigmented. Blends easily. Long wearing.

I feel like it is a little expensive for the amount of product you get. The brush sucks. I wish the medium and dark shades came in a cool toned brown instead of the warm reddish tone.

Swatch on my arm
Swatch on my arm


Pass or buy?

In my opinion I say buy. Especially if you are on a budget or starting out with makeup or even a beginner to contouring.



  • I bought this with my own money.
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