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REVIEW + SWATCHES: ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lips


I was so excited to see these come out because I LOVE lip glosses. I do not love liquid lipsticks because of the drying feeling. It’s about time ColourPop gave in to us gloss lovers!!

So a week or so ago they had this freebie deal – if you bought a certain amount in ColourPop items you would get a free Ultra Glossy Lip. There were 4 available and I only picked up 3. The colors I got were Piranha, Finders Keepers and Tokyo Tea. I didn’t pick up the 4th one names Weho  because it was a brown shade and I do not like brown on me.

These aren’t out yet but when I received these in the mail they came with a card and it looks like these are going to come in 4 different finishes.

  • Sheer
  • Sheer-Metallic
  • Crème
  • Ultra-Metallic

I assume these will also be around the same price as the other lippies $5-$6.



I am still on the fence about these glosses. I think they are good but I am not sure which finish these are supposed to be since it didn’t state anywhere when I got them. If they are the “sheer” finish then it would make sense that these are pretty sheer. But if they are the “crème” I would expect more pigmentation. In my swatches I really had to build these up so you could see the color.

These claim to feel comfortable with no stickiness or tackiness and I totally agree with that. These are very nice and smooth and they don’t get all gross and sticky or ball up after they dry. They apply nicely but like I said they are a little sheer. The only one that wasn’t sheer was the coral color – Tokyo Tea. That reminded me of a NYX Intense Butter Gloss kind of. It had way more pigmentation that the other two.

Another thing that is disappointing is the smell. These just smell like a cheap lipgloss with no scent. You can kind of smell some sort of plastic or chemical smell. I wish these had the same delicious scent as the Lippie Stix!!

I don’t hate these at all. I think they are a good gloss for the price. I am just curious what finishes I got since I can’t tell. I am also exited to see how the other finishes perform and what they look like.


IMG_2273 colourpop ultra glossy piranha colourpop ultra glossy finders keepers colourpop ultra glossy Tokyo Tea


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