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REVIEW & SWATCHES – Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette



I was so excited for the NEW Kat Von D Alchemist Holographic Palette to come out! I will admit that the packaging sold me!

What it does:
Revamp your makeup looks with this innovative, Alchemist Palette, featuring four holographic shades. It’s perfect for achieving a spectrum of radiant, special effects by layering Alchemist over eye shadow and lipstick. Formulated with Double Dimension Technology, this first-of-its-kind formula is packed with 360° refractive pearls, dipped in a prismatic coating, to deliver twice the transforming power. Each of the four shades within the palette catches the light from every angle for a spectrum of luminizing special effects—perfect for customizing finishes and exploring your artistic expression.

The hybrid formula also doubles as a super-shimmery highlighter. Simply sweep product over prepped skin for otherworldly iridescence. Because the formula is packed with high-quality, pearlescent particles, a little goes a long way—even a subtle application imparts bold impact.

Inspired by the ancient science of Alchemy, the art of transforming natural materials into a precious elixir, this hybrid palette is part top coat and part transformer, so it’s perfect for layering and blending to experiment with different makeup effects.


I will say that this palette is innovative in my opinion. First for the packaging and second for the shades. The shades remind me of the Makeup Geek Pigments in a way. I really love the formula of these. They are really soft and pack a punch!

I don’t use these shades as a highlighter on my cheeks too much, because of the bright reflective colors. However, the best shade for the cheeks is the Pink Opal color since it more natural than the rest.

I use these more as an eyeshadow or a lip topper. These really look amazing if you use them as an eyeshadow or lip topper rather than a highlighter. I think the shades are beautiful and the formula is awesome! You can really build these up so they look more intense too.

I think the palette is definitely worth it and just plain fun to have. I think this will be fun to use around Halloween time or to brighten up a look.


What do you guys think?



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