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REVIEW + SWATCHES: NEW ColourPop Brow Pencils (Bangin’ Brunette & Dope Taupe)

ColourPop killin’ it again with new products! I love ColourPop so much!!! I am so happy they came out with these. Who needs the Anastasia Brow wiz when you can get something with the same quality but more affordable?

These brow pencils are a super precise, self-sharpening mechanical brow pencil. This long wearing formula applies comfortably without any pulling or dragging. It’s micro size tip creates natural hair like application for multiple brow looks.

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Cost: $5

Where to buy: Click here



I knew these would sell out so quick so I got on the site and bought them first thing when they came ou. I bought the colors Bangin’ Brunette & Dope Taupe. Those are the only two colors that looked like they would work for my brows.

These pencils are nice! They have a small tip that helps create those small hair like strokes. I will say this formula is very soft. Compared to Anastasia Brow Wiz and the NYX Micro Brow, this formula is a lot softer. They glide on very easily and very smooth. The color and pigmentation is great. I have no complaints there. It gives off the perfect natural color without looking too bold or intense.

Nice precise small tip
Nice precise small tip

I love the packaging! The caps have the same color as the product so they are easy to find. AND it has a clear cap on the spoolie end!! YES! I love when companies do that. It makes it easier to see which side the product is on and which side the brow spoolie is on.

ColourPop Brow Pencil Spoolie
ColourPop Brow Pencil Spoolie

The downside is I feel like they can rub off easily. They aren’t totally budge proof. They are long wearing though but if you happen to rub your face or brows the color can transfer and come off. So be careful with that.

So far I really like these. I hope they come out with a few more colors. Maybe an ash brown and grey. I will continue to buy more. Especially since they are only $5 bucks!!!


ColourPop Brow Ppencils Sswatches
ColourPop Brow Ppencils Sswatches


Have you guys tried these? Do you like them?



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