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REVIEW + SWATCHES: NEW Lancôme ‘Juicy Shaker’ Bi-Phase Lip Oil (Meli Melon)

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Lancôme Juicy Shaker

This seriously addictive lip oil with a pillowy-soft cushion applicator gives your lips a delicious shot of color with a hint of shine. Its bi-phase technology delivers the first pigmented lip oil with two distinct phases. The first phase is a transparent oil for a comfortable, nonsticky shine; the second is a pigmented phase for a shot of color. Its cocktail of five nourishing oils treat your lips like a lip balm does. Peach kernal oil, a well-known emollient, softens lips; sweet almond oil conditions; apricot oil hydrates; cranberry oil provides rich antioxidant properties; and muscat rose oil, rich in essential fatty acids, soothes your lips. It delivers the perfect sheer tint of color each time you sweep it on.

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Cost: $21

Where to buy: Click here

How to use:

Shake it like a cocktail shaker up to five times to mix the pigment and oil together. Tap the cushion applicator onto your lips for a tint of color with a sheer finish. For a more pigmented look, build a base using a lip liner or matte lipstick then tap on Juicy Shaker. For a plumped lip look, tap onto the corners of your cupid’s bow on the upper lip. 

Juicy Shaker Applicator
Juicy Shaker Applicator



I only picked up one color to start off just to make sure I like it. I purchased mine in Meli Melon. The packaging is so innovative & fun and I knew I needed to have at least one. Obviously it looks like a cute martini bottle shaker…uhh hello..yes please!! I was hoping this color would have been more bright. After seeing some YouTube videos on it, It looked like it was a bright coral melon. I think it is more of a neutral mauve pink.

The formula and hydration is very nice! The ingredients have a lot of natural oils. It is a moisturizing oil with a subtle tint. It makes your lips feel hydrated and moisturized. It doesn’t stay feeling oily for too long though, the oil kind of dries and wears off but the tint stays, so you might find yourself reapplying often. I am totally okay with reapplying because I love the scent/taste. This smells just like a yummy watermelon candy mmmmm.

If you are looking for something super pigmented – they are not. These are just subtle, nice and natural looking. I almost looks as if you were eating a popsicle.

I have nothing bad to say about these except I wish they were cheaper. I think $15 would be reasonable.

I definitely want to pick up the Mint to Be and Lemon Explosion.


Juicy Shaker Meli Melon Swatch
Juicy Shaker Meli Melon Swatch


Juicy Shaker Meli Melon Lip Swatch
Juicy Shaker Meli Melon Lip Swatch
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