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REVIEW + SWATCHES: NEW NYX Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tints




These NYX Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tints were available early access last week for Ulta Platinum members so I picked a few up. I didn’t want to get all of them just in case I didn’t like them. Click here to see my post about them.

Lavish your pout with extraordinary shine and a hint of brilliant color with NYX Cosmetics’ Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint! Silky smooth with a lightweight finish, this revolutionary formula glides on a gloss and adjusts to a gorgeous tint that lasts.

I bought the shades: Euphoric, Retro Socialite and Antique Romance.


These are the most unique formula that I have put on my lips. When you apply them they almost feel like there is a cooling sensation and then a slight tingle. Now, these aren’t a lip plumper so I am not sure why they do that. It could just be me. These also feel like you are applying a gel to your lips at first and then the cooling and gel feel goes away. I think they feel good on the lips and they are comfortable and hydrating feeling.

The colors aren’t too pigmented but they give your lips a nice sheen and color to them. They really make your lips look almost juicy too. If you have fine lines they might feather a little bit.

The gloss isn’t long-wearing but once it wears off it gives your lips a nice tint to them. It almost looks like you were eating a popsicle, which I really like. The tint is long-wearing but the shine of the gloss is not.

I really like these. They are unique and fun to wear! I think they are worth picking up, especially for the summer!!


NYX Lip lustre glossy tint swatches

Euphoric NYX Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint

Retro Socialite NYX Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint

Antique Romance NYX Lip Lustre Glossy Lip Tint


What do you guys think? Do you like them?

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