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SWATCHES + REVIEW: NEW Hard Candy Look Pro! Ultimate Strobing Kit in Illuminate & Ultimate Contour and Sculpt Kit





Everyone is curious on how these bad boys swatch. Keep reading to see what they look like.

Look Pro! Ultimate Strobing Kit in Illuminate

Look Pro! Ultimate Contour and Sculpt Kit (light to medium)


Also, I have the Hard Candy haul video up on my YouTube channel


Keep reading to see the products..


Where to buy:

Cost: $8.00



Look Pro! Ultimate Strobing Kit in Illuminate:

This comes with a brush, contour shade, blush shade, two highlights and a strobe glow liquid. The shades in this palette are nice. I like the contour and blush shade a lot. They have good pigmentation and blend well. As far as the highlight shades go they are ok. I prefer the lighter one over the gold one. Don’t get me wrong they are both pigmented I just don’t like gold highlight on my face personally.  The liquid strobe glow is ok. I personally don’t like using it. If you mix it in with your moisturizer or foundation it is better. It gives a nice subtle glow.

IMG_0898 IMG_0924.2

Look Pro! Ultimate Contour and Sculpt Kit (light to medium):

I hated this. BUT I also don’t like cream contours. I would have loved this if they were powder shades. The dark contour shades are VERY orange. I don’t think that will look good on many people. I think it would have been a lot better if the contour shades were more brown. Let me know if this worked for you because I hated it. However I did love the cute little brush it came with.

IMG_0899 IMG_0926.2

Pass or buy?

In my opinion I am neutral on this one as well. If you buy any of them get the strobing one. The contour one just didn’t do it for me.








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