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SWATCHES + REVIEW: NEW NEW Rimmel Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit

I picked these up at Kmart. There are 3 shades available: 001 Golden Sands, 002 Coral Glow, 003 Golden Bronze. I picked up 001 Golden Sands. I far preferred the blush shade in this one over the others.

Keep reading to see my swatches and review….

Where to buy: Click here

Cost: $6.99

Color -001 Golden Sands


Rimmel Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit Swatch
Rimmel Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit Swatch


I personally wasn’t a fan on this one. I far prefer the Maybelline FaceStudio Master Contour. I feel like this lacked the pigmentation and the color was off. The contour shade it too orange and the blush shade just didn’t have enough pigmentation to really show up on my cheeks. Plus this was almost $7 bucks which I think is pricey for what you get.


Pass or buy?

Definitely pass. There are other products out there that are way better!

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