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REVIEW: Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge




Get your quick beauty fix with this all-in-one Quickie Blending Sponge. It effortlessly applies cream concealers, foundations and contouring formulas and is ideal for blending the multi-tasking shape tape contour concealer without creasing into fine lines. For natural, buildable coverage, apply the soft sponge wet or dry, using the larger domed side to cover redness, discolorations and uneven skin tone. The opposite precision tip can mask acne and dark spots, while blending around smaller areas of the face, like the nose, brow bone and undereye. You can also use it to blend out your contour and highlight, pressing the tapered side along angles of the face to mimic shadow and light. Designed for quick, mess-free applications, this versatile, travel friendly sponge is durable and washable so you can use it again and again for an effortless, everyday look.


Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge in package


Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge 1


Ok, so let’s just start off with the fact that I didn’t really like this Tarte Double Duty Beauty Quickie Blending Sponge. I prefer the Beauty Blender a million times over this sponge. So for this review I am going to compare it to the Beauty Blender since, almost everyone has used it.

I was hoping this sponge would have been a new cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender but it is nothing close. This sponge is VERY dense and it doesn’t really do anything as you are trying to buff and blend your foundation into your face. Whereas the Beauty Blender is very squishy and bouncy and creates a flawless airbrushed look to your face. This sponge is just way too dense and when you get it wet it doesn’t really stay wet, it just dries.

I also don’t like the shape to this sponge. It is wide and toward the top the point isn’t narrow like the Beauty Blender so it makes it difficult to get into the small areas when doing concealer.

Save your money and just buy the Beauty Blender instead.






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