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Vice Lipstick Stockpile Available Now!!



If you are a lipstick junkie or an Urban Decay Junkie you need this set in your life!!!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stockpile

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  • Sheer Shimmer in Seismic (plum-purple w/red shimmer)
  • Mega Matte in Pandemonium (bright purple)
  • Cream in Firebird (deep fuchsia)
  • Comfort Matte in Afterdark (medium-dark berry pink)
  • Comfort Matte in Bittersweet (bright pink-purple)
  • Comfort Matte in Psycho (bright rose w/iridescent blue micro-sparkle)
  • Comfort Matte in Menace (medium fuchsia-pink)
  • Sheer in Sheer Anarchy (fuchsia)
  • Metallized in Big Bang (bright pink sparkle)
  • Mega Matte in 714 (bright red)
  • Cream in F-Bomb (classic red)
  • Cream in Gash (deep red w/tonal shimmer)
  • Cream in Rock Steady (deep wine red)
  • Cream in Manic (soft wine)
  • Comfort Matte in Disturbed (deep brick red)
  • Cream in EZ (bright red-orange)
  • Sheer in Snitch (pale coral-pink)
  • Metallized in Conspiracy (plum-bronze shimmer)
  • Cream in Weirdo (pale baby pink)
  • Cream in Rapture (dusty rose)
  • Metallized in Amulet (metallic brick rose)
  • Cream in ZZ (soft pink-purple)
  • Cream in Naked (nude-pink)
  • Sheer in Sheer Liar (pink-nude)
  • Comfort Matte in Backtalk (mauve-nude pink)
  • Comfort Matte in Heartless (baby pink)
  • Metallized in Trance (nude-mauve shimmer)
  • Cream in Insanity (soft warm nude)
  • Comfort Matte in Stark Naked (light nude)
  • Metallized in Gubby (frosted light pink)


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